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Flamabiliy Standards 

Every mattress produced in Midway Mattress No.1 passes the fire retardant code CFR part 1633  .This law was passed on  July  1 2007 .This law was made so the matresses do not  pose a hazard in case of a house fire.

Midway Mattress No.1 takes it's time to to test each protype and make sure it passes the national fire code law .

Bed Bug Free Acredited

In Midway Mattress No.1

we make each of our products are bed bug free .With an entomologist's guidance we have  designed a special process which guaranteees bed bugs will not pose a  nuisinace to our fellow customers .We manufacture our matresse with an inpenetrable mateterial that blocks out bed bugs from our products .

Our box springs are  also entirely encase in plastic before the final framing process .We take our time to give our custumers a bed bug free product 

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